Flashback Friday

now this ff song was (is) a favorite of mine… this gem is hungarian singer Linda Kiraly… gorgeous AND can actually sing. from the start you think the songs gonna be a slowass ballad… but then that drum kicks in. mmmmm…. i do love some percussions. wish they […]

Flashback Friday

FFs are dedicated to songs that imo were overlooked/underplayed. here’s Eva Simons’ “i don’t like you” might recognize eva’s voice from Afrojack’s “Take Over Control”… try to overlook her hair. and try to also overlook the HUGE hole in the ozone she created from all that hairspray. guess […]

I Will Never Let You Down

oh rita ora… i wish you wouldn’t have done this. the song is alright (feels like a mix of jessie j “domino” and any Kylie song). you’re farrrrr too talented for this rubbish. the video is dumb. i will give you kudos for having your man Calvin Harris […]

Goodness Gracious

Ellie Goulding is so on-point right now (hell, i even capitalized her name)… she literally pours out hit after hit after hit. i love me some Ellie. even though this song isn’t all that “new”… the track is amazing. and if you A) want to be like Ellie… […]