The Most Absurdly Fun Song You’ll Hear Today

LunchMoney Lewis

WARNING: THIS SONG WILL BE STUCK IN YOUR HEAD ALL DAY! And yes, he’s singing in his bathrobe.

Here we go ladies and gentlemen… another silly and stupidly fun video for your pleasure. Along with AronChupa’s “I’m an Albatroaz” and CRJ’s “I Really Like You”, you will find yourself singing this to yourself when nobody is around. According to the scientific formula for a One Hit Wonder… LunchMoney Lewis is on his way:

Weird name.
Repetitive chorus.
Bathrobe wardrobe.
Trumpet solo.

“Bills” is currently #39 on iTunes Top Songs list so you better be ready… it’s going to be taking over your local radio stations VERY soon… ready yourself!


“Woke up and I bumped my head / stubbed my toe on the edge of the bed”
Uhhh… you stubbed your toe on some random tools in the driveway… not the edge of a bed. GET IT TOGETHER!!!

you’re welcome.

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