Humpday Remixes

Humpday Remixes – TLC’s “No Scrubs” VS “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit & “Return Of The Mack” by Mack Morrison

TLC Clean Bandit

Hello Friends! Happy Humpday Remixes! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and you aren’t freezing your ass off too much. Yes, we get it… it’s super cold out… but guess what? EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS THIS!!! So please stop with the “OMG it’s so cold out” Facebook posts… everyone is dealing with the exact same cold-as-balls weather as well (everyone besides those bitches out west). But anyways, back to the music. Today’s entries will definitely give you a feel good vibe and warm your frozen little soul.

Everyone loves TLC. Everyone loves TLC’s “No Scrubs”. Everyone should love Clean Bandit. Everyone loves Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be”. So it makes perfect sense to mix the two groups most popular songs into one epically awesome mashup. Take note GLEE… THIS is how you do a mashup right!

Let me set the mood for you. The year was 1997… the song of the summer was “Mmm Bop” which was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Sitting right behind the blonde haired girls, at #2, was Mack Morrison with his hit “Return of the Mack”. You might not remember his name but once the song plays you’ll remember the song. Here is a great remix to his catchy as hell song… although not as catchy as “Mmm Bop”. obvs.

you’re welcome.

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