Madonna’s New Unconventionally Released Music Video

Madonna Living For Love

Leave it to Ms. Trying-To-Stay-Hip-Without-Breaking-A-Hip to go ahead and release her latest music video in an unconventional way. Not on Youtube… not on her website… not on Facebook… but on Snapchat (Yeah, I don’t get it either). At least for the next few hours, the phone messaging app is the only place to see a legit video for Madonna’s latest video “Living For Love”. The video itself is pretty great visually and happens to be one of her best in recent memory. If you don’t have Snapchat because you’re too old to understand it (I still don’t get what’s so cool about it), or you still have a flip phone, then you’ll just have to wait until the Madge releases it elsewhere. But for all you youngin’s out there, feel free to watch the video in the Snap Channel in the Discovery section.

you’re welcome.

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