Humpday Remixes

HumpdayRemixes – Missy Elliot Edition

Missy Elliot

Boys and Girls… it’s time to get UR freak on. Yes, even in UR office cubicle. Hope everyone is wearing their trash bag outfits today. If you don’t get that Missy Elliot reference, then A) you’re too young, and B) YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!

Welcome to HumpdayRemixes! I am your host, Captain Blendertunes. Today’s entries are guaranteed to get you twerkin in your rolly chair. Since everyone has been talking non-stop about the Super Bowl halftime show… mainly about a dancing shark and weird flame outfits… I thought today’s entries should be about the real halftime performer – not Katy Whatsherface. If you think that Missy Elliot is a new artist, you need to go somewhere. Somewhere far away from me because I will slap you. Like literally, slap you in the throat #trustmeitspainful

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