Humpday Remixes

HumpdayRemixes – Karmin’s “No Flex Zone” & Mariah Carey’s “Emotions”

Karmin No Flex Zone, Mariah Carey Emotions

Happy Happy Hump Day!

Don’t you worry your little heads, boys and girls… today’s HumpdayRemixes will definitely help pass the next few hours of your day. Hell, it might even make you feel like getting up and doing a little jig in your cubicle. Don’t worry about what Martha in Accounting might think of you. Or what Ronnie across the hall might tell your boss. They’re just jealous of your ability to get down with your bad self!

For those of you oldies who don’t know what the term “No Flex Zone” means… and you’re too embarrassed to ask your 12 year old nephew… it’s an area where you can’t show off, brag, or boast. I can think of a few Facebook friends who I could post that on their wall – just because your life on Facebook might seem awesome, your real life is overly filtered and cropped. #sorrynotsorry But I digress. One of the most underrated groups out there right now, is back doing what made them famous and loved in the first place. Karmin is one of my favorite bands and they should be one of yours as well. Check out their amazing cover of “No Flex Zone” below. And if you fancy having your ears bleed, check out the original “No Flex Zone” on YouTube.

Mariah Carey Mimi The Elusive Chanteuse is known just as much for her singing ability as well as her ever changing… ahem… size. So please forgive me for the overly photoshopped picture up top. It was the only one I could find that she look somewhat appropriate for. Just let it all hang out girl. You is rich. You ain’t gots to be worried about what people think of you. You’re going to be getting “All I Want For Christmas” royalties until you are looooooong gone, boo. UPDATE: I FOUND A BETTER PICTURE. But again, I digress. “Emotions” used to be my jam back in the day and thanks to this awesome remix by Christofi, I will be bopping along to it for a little bit longer. Enjoy the dance club track below.

you’re welcome.

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