Rihanna AND Florence Welch!!! TOGETHER!!!!

Rihanna and Florence Welch

OMG! OMG! O! M! G!

Florence Welch and Rihanna… together?!? The world can officially end now… life has been fulfilled. We have all been waiting for Rihanna to stop teasing us and release SOMETHING NEW… and Florence is supposed to be coming out with a new album as well this year! Come on ladies… we can’t take it anymore. And now it’s been confirmed that Riri and Florence Welch is in some way collaborating with each other on a new Rihanna track!?! Just take my money now. Seriously. Here’s my bank account number 10926458927412.

According to sources today, Rihanna has registered a new song called “A Night” which features Florence Welch. Maybe it’s a brand new song… maybe Riri is just sampling Florence + The Machine’s “Only If For A Night”… who cares!!! Just give us some new material ladies!

beznzvugxzo6-590x317AHHHH!!!! Can’t wait! Oh…

you’re welcome.

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