The Most Awesomely Weird Song Of 2015! Prepare Yourself For This Year’s “What Did The Fox Say?”

i'm an albatraoz, im an albatraoz, i'm an albatraoz aronchupa, aronchupa i'm an albatraoz

Oh god… here we go again.

Following the same kooky rules as past guilty musical pleasures like “What Did The Fox Say”, “Gangnam Style”, and “Harlem Shake”… here comes another catchy as hell song that will undoubtedly take over radio in the next few months – you can quote me on that. AronChupa’s “I’m An Albatraoz” is a Euro-dance song about a mouse named Lori… a slutty mouse name Lori O_o  (I can’t make this stuff up you guys). My friends Josh and Mikkel (one who is from Denmark) introduced me to this infectious song last month and even though I was heavily intoxicated, drunk me LOVED the bizarre track! Sober me LOVES the track too!

So what makes this song so popular? The song has already reached the Top 10 in 18 different countries including Australia, Austria, Finland, Germany, and Italy as well as hitting #1 in Sweden. With over 44 million plays on Spotify and over 30 million views on Youtube, this little Swedish track is slowly taking over the world… one slutty mouse at a time. Prepare yourself for what will surely be played just as much as any Taylor Swift song below.

you’re welcome.

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