Kelly Clarkson Is Back, Y’all… Listen To Her Latest Hit, “Heartbeat Song”!

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She’s back! She’s back! She’s back!

No, not Rihanna. No, not Britney. No, not Madonna. No, not Miley. No, not Janet. The other one.

I’m talking about Kelly Clarkson, y’all! The “Since You Been Gone” crooner is back with a much anticipated and highly awaited track that will definitely please all the Clarkheads out there (I just made that up… but let’s make Clarkheads a thing!). After releasing country and Christmas hits (Zzzzzzzzzz), Clarkson finds herself back where really she belongs. “Heartbeat Song” is an anthemic, Top 40, Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle”ish sounding track. The song definitely has Kelly Clarkson written all over it though. From synthy beats, to drumkits, an 80s melody, and #thatvoicethough… it’s pure pop perfection. It’s not the greatest thing she’s ever churned out but the melody will definitely tie everyone over until her album Piece By Piece drops in early March. Check out the song below.

What do you think Clarkheads? Love it? Hate it?

you’re welcome.

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