Sia’s Controversial New Video “Elastic Heart” ft. Shia LaBeouf

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One of the most in demand talents out there right now just released her latest video for her new single “Elastic Heart” and it is simply stunning. Sia has gone and outdone herself with her latest single which once again features little Maddie Ziegler in her signature onesie and platinum blonde wig dancing about. Instead of an empty, run down apartment, she’s locked in a cage… with Shia LaBeouf. Now before you start rolling your eyes at the thought of anything Shia LaBeouf related, just know that Shia is pretty normal in the video – he doesn’t have a paper bag over his face AND he’s not drunk in a CVS. Shocking… I know.

You know what else is shocking? I’ll tell you what else is shocking! Shia LaBeouf… with a beard… shirtless… with tattoos… all sweaty and dirty. Ummmm… can we have a real talk? Seriously. Like a sit down, turn off our phones, face to face, real talk.

Everybody out there is talking about Nick Jonas and how he got hot. Snoresville. No thanks.

Seriously, I don’t know if its the beard… him being all dirty… or him climbing up the cage like a beast – it’s probably a combination of all three – but Mr. Even Stevens is all grown up now.

But anyways, back to the music. If you think you’re going crazy and know that you’ve heard the song before… you probably are going crazy… but “Elastic Heart” was featured on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack last year. That version of the song included R&B crooner The Weekend – this time around, it’s just Sia and I’m giddy.

The video for the song is a beautifully shot dance battle between the two stars in a gigantic cage and at times it might be unsettling to watch (some claim it’s pedophile porn). The video has sparked a number of debates and discussions about the meaning behind it. I personally think it’s a metaphor for the battle within yourself when you can’t do anything but settle and compromise in a relationship – you feel trapped. But then again, I wasn’t really paying attention to the video… just Shia’s beard and muscles.

Sia is, undoubtedly, running the music game. Check out the video below. (Btw, this has been my ringtone for over a year)

you’re welcome.

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