New Music Monday

NewMusicMonday – Iggy & Ellie… “Heavy Crown”

heavy crown, iggy azalea heavy crown, heavy crown iggy azalea, iggy azalea and ellie goulding heavy crown

Peanut butter with marshmallow fluff… in the same jar.
A sofa with a beer fridge in it.
Chicken McNuggets and a quarter pounder sandwich.
Two completely separate things that if came together would be epic! (I might have a junk food problem)

Add Iggy Azalea and Ellie Goulding to that list as well. I can just see it now… The Iggy Ellie Tour! I’m done. I would pay any amount of money to see that. Holy Jazebus!

Iggy Azalea’s Reclassified album drops today and includes some amazing new tracks including “Heavy Crown” featuring Ellie Goulding. The track is a pretty good get hype song but the best part of it is hearing Ellie sing, “Bitch I got it now!” Check out the  collabo below.

you’re welcome.

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