TLC’s “CrazySexyCool” Turns How Old?!?

Back for another installment of “Damn! I Feel Old!!” BLENDERtunes is here to make you feel a bit more “aged” as well as making your joints feel a bit more achy. Where’s my Glucosamine sulfate?

Can you believe that TLC’s CrazySexyCool came out 20 years ago?! Yep, that was a two and a zero – 20. That was back in the day when people actually bought CDs. To all you youngins… CDs are those shiny, circular things that you would put into a CD player to listen to music. A CD player works just like a Blueray player… but without a TV or a screen… and would the music would “skip” whenever you would dance too hard. No anti-skipping function on any Walkman ever really did work, did it?

But back to the point at hand, CrazySexyCool was (is) a HUGE success. Note only did the album spend over 2 years on the Billboard 200 but the group was also the VERY FIRST GIRL GROUP to have an album be certified Diamond – that’s more than 10 million albums sold! In comparison, (as of today) Taylor Swift’s 1989,is the best selling album of 2014, has only sold 1.4 millions copies. Since it’s release, CrazySexyCool has sold more than 23 million copies which solidifies them as the BEST SELLING AMERICAN GIRL GROUP EVER!

With chart topping hits like “Creep”, “Red Light Special”, “Digging On You”, and of course the groundbreaking “Waterfalls”, this album was everything! Stroll down memory lane below and see if you can find your old, bigger-than-needed, color organized, broken zipper, CD case and bust out your CrazySexyCool.

you’re welcome.

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