Brandy+Mystery Skulls+Nile Rodgers+Disco = The Feel Good Song Of The Fall

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Along with cuddly puppies, clumsy kittens on YouTube, and first crush kisses… this song gives me #thefeels and I don’t get those much.

Mystery Skulls is an up-and-coming trio with an electro-pop sound. Their debut album is coming out next month (November 27) and from the looks of it, they got some pretty good pull when it comes to getting some great talent on their stuff. My favorite childhood diva, Brandy, is prepping herself for her next album but decides to pop up on this jam-out-in-your-car-like-nobodys-looking jam. And to have legendary artist Nile Rodgers lay down some sick riffs is just genius. Seriously. Get these guys a trophy or something.


I mean, if you’re not smiling or feeling good after hearing that song, then you are just a sad person – but there is help for you out there. I think.

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