Humpday Remixes

HumpdayRemixes – Ludacris & Lorde

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Happy Humpday Everyone! Hope you’re surviving the week so far and you haven’t made any threats against anyone yet – that’s Sunday. Today’s HumpdayRemixes are gonna make you tap your foot and twerk it like never before. Well maybe not that much, but hey, the songs are pretty great today.

Up first, we have Ludacris’ “Stand Up (LeMarquis Remix)” and it is definitely NSFW! I repeat… NSFW!! Who would have thunkit that Luda would still be somewhat relevant to have his song remixed in this awesome new age, house way. I mean, when I move you move, right? Well let’s get to moving!


Secondly, Lorde is up with her song “Team” remixed by Lars Aar. THIS is how a great remix is supposed to sound! Lars fully revamps the entire track, keeping the haunting sound and energy of the original song, and churns out a dance hit! We hope to hear more great things from Lars Aar.


How do you feel about this week’s entries? Love em? Hate em? Let us know below.

you’re welcome.



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