New Music Monday

Fergie’s Newest Song “L.A. Love (La La)”

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It’s been eight extremely long years since The Black Eyed Peas’ singer released her debut album The Dutchess. EIGHT YEARS!!! We knew that Fergie Ferg was going to be returning soon with some brand new music and we’ve been anxiously waiting to hear what she’s been working on during her time off. Talk about high expectations. Well, the time has finally come! Fergie has just released her brand new song “L.A. Love (La La)” to the masses and I want to throw it right back at her. Seriously?!? Eight years of waiting and you give us this crap?!

From the cliched lines about smoking chronic less than 30 seconds into the song, to the lame city name dropping, to the year 2009 beat, it’s just not what we would expect from Fergie. Granted, we weren’t expecting that she would come back into the game with a completely different sound but she should have grown as an artist – it’s been EIGHT years!? Take note from Justin Timberlake… he was gone for a hot minute too (actually the same amount of time) and came back with an improved sound and image. I feel like this song could have been released on her debut solo album back in 2006.

People may not realize it but Fergie’s debut solo album was a HUGE hit. It spawned five Top 5 songs on Billboard’s Top 100 chart: “London Bridge” (No. 1 for three weeks), “Fergalicious” (No. 2), “Glamorous” (No. 1 for two weeks), “Big Girls Don’t Cry” (No. 1) and “Clumsy” (No. 5). Since 2000, only two albums have produced at least five Top 5 singles on the Hot 100: The Dutchess, and Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. So you have to forgive us for expecting a far superior song than “L.A. Love (La La)”.

Maybe she’s going to Jedi mind trick us all and release a better song soon. If she doesn’t step up her Comeback Game, she’ll get left behind… just like Hillary Duff did.

What do you think of the song?

you’re welcome.

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