Humpday Remixes

HumpdayRemixes – Beyonce & Clean Bandit

BLENDERtunes Beyonce Clean Bandit


Today’s HumpdayRemixes include Bey’s “Pretty Hurts” and Clean Bandit’s “Extraordinary”

Up first, we have the Wawa Extended version of the Sia penned song “Pretty Hurts” sang beautifully by Mrs. Carter. Now the original version is a soulful ballad but you can’t dance to it – and if you know me, I love to dance… drunkenly. This remix takes the same great song and puts a dance club twist to it. I dare you to not try and refrain from dancing when you push play. I double dog dare you!!


Lastly, Clean Bandit is here with a great remix of my second favorite song off their debut album. “Extraordinary (Still Young Remix)” takes the already incredible song (which btw already has a great dance beat to it) and adds a bit more club/edm flare to the track. Be on the lookout for the track to be featured on a future BLENDERtunes mix playlist.



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