Pink Has Created A New Music Group… A Folk Music Group

you + me, you and me, pink you and me, city and color, city and color, pink and city and color, you + me rose ave, you and me rose ave

Alright folks… go ahead and find those tissues ’cause this song is a tear jerker.

One of the most talented performers out there today has gon’ ahead and made a folk music group – you can go ahead and file this under “Dafuq Just Happened”

The uber talented Pink, being credited on the album with her given name Alicia Moore, has teamed up and created a group named You + Me with Dallas Green from City And Colour (Did you catch that? A city and a color… Dallas Green). The duo will be releasing their album rose ave on October 14 (which reportedly was recorded in a week) and will definitely be a folk album – a far departure from Pink’s musical past (but highly intriguing). Are you excited about Pink’s new project? What do you think of the song?

you’re welcome.

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