Calvin Harris Drops His Newest Single

Alright alright alright.

The track is finally here boys and girls – “Blame” by Calvin Harris featuring John Newman. But before you push play (and most of you already pushed play) just remember that Calvin is very talented but is not perfect. Even artists who are at the top of their game, put out songs that might not rival their other hits. For every “Single Ladies” there will be a “Deja Vu” unfortunately. So for Calvin, for every “Feel So Close” there will be a “Blame” but its OK. He’s still one of the better DJs out there (not to mention THE highest paid one).

If you follow Calvin on any social media, you’d know that he’s been teasing this track for quite some time now. He’s been teasing the world with snippets of the full song for the past couple of weeks and we all anxiously waited like a kid waiting for Christmas. But now that Christmas is here, I’m thinking, “Really?!?”

The song is a bit mediocre and a bit dull. John Newman’s vocals do a good job of trying to keep the song alive but it’s the song itself that sounds as if it was derived from an older Calvin Harris track a few years back, “I Need Your Love.”

What do you think? Is it just as good as you hoped?? Or is it just “eh”?? Lemme know below.

you’re welcome.

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