Ryn Weaver and Charlotte OC Are Killing It

Can’t… stop… listening…

Ryn Weaver basically took over SoundCloud and BuzzFeed earlier this year with her infectious song “OctaHate.” With the praise from artists such as Hailey Williams from Paramore and with being friends with people like Charli XCX, Ryn Weaver is slowly making her mark in the music industry. Having roots in Cali, Ryn jokingly boasts that she got a record deal through the app Tinder.

It was four years ago, I moved to New York City and it was actually on Halloween that I met Benny [Blanco] through my ex-boyfriend. We went out that night, and we ended up talking about music and all sorts of stuff. Then, [months later] randomly—are we ready for the real real?—my friend had a Tinder account, and we were out in LA, and she was like, “Who is this guy? We have mutual friends!” And I was like, “Oh my god, swipe yes! I know him!” And so we ended up asking [Benny] what he was doing here in LA. He was like, “I come here half the year to make music.” And then we all were going back and forth…and he was like, “Come to my birthday party tomorrow.” So we go to this party, it was so silly. My friend was going for him, and I was like, “Um, let me talk to you for a second, I’ve been really trying with the music thing.” And he was like, “Well, good luck.” [laughs] So then I sent him my Soundcloud, along with a couple of his friends, and he ended up calling me like two days later like, “We really want to work with you.” Tinder got me a record deal.



Charlotte OC may be new to you but she’s been kicking around in the industry since she was in her teens. Originally being signed to the record label Columbia, she recorded an album that never got released. Back during that time she went by Charlotte O’Conner and after being dropped from the label, she took some time off and eventually changed her name to Charlotte OC (sounds more unique yeah?). Now back with a new EP, Charlotte OC is creating some beautifully artistic and haunting tracks. Mix a bit of Lorde with Lana Del Rey and throw in some of Alicia Keys’ style, you’ll get a little example of Charlotte OC’s sound. FYI, Charlotte OC is of Malawian, Indian, and Irish heritage aka GORGEOUS!

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