THE Best EctroPop Song In Years…

This. THIS. THIS!!!

This is one of the best Electro-Pop songs I’ve ever heard. Period.

The band “Years & Years” is a trio and have been kicking around for a couple years before they released their debut single “Trap” last year. The video for their song “Real” was released back in February and slowly been killing it overseas. The video itself satisfies your visual needs while the track is just plain amazing! From the driving beat to Olly’s superb vocals, the song is simply a standout in the crowd of mediocre music today. The video also spotlights some killer dance moves from some young, amazingly talented, UK actors including Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Tuppence Middleton, and Q from the new Bond films – Ben Whishaw. Seems like the trio does a great job in casting young talent in their videos – Emily Browning is in their latest video “Take Shelter.”

Can’t wait to hear more things from the group in the future. Tell us how much you LOOOOVE the video below.

you’re welcome.

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