HAIM’s Random & Hilarious Video

I hope you have your “dafaq” face ready.

HAIM brings us a quite hilarious and quite random music video for their track “My Song 5” which I love love loooooooove! The video for song is awesome and full of cameos from some very random of people. The Jerry Springer/Sally Jessy Raphael-ish daytime talk show is hosted by Dallas Murphy – played by the brilliant Vanessa Bayer! With cameos from Kesha (spelled Keiysha) who is in love with her cat Mr. Boots, singer Grimes, and comedian Artemis who is deathly terrified of balls… cotton balls (“But it IS very serious.”). A$AP Ferg is also featured in the song and does a poor job of trying to not sound cliché with his lyrics – “You let your girl eat you out like a bowl of soup…” Seriously?! Could have done without that thank you.

The song is dark which offsets the lighter tone of the video itself. The sound of the song reminds me a bit of the movie The Craft or from last season’s American Horror Story. Am I right? This should have been on the soundtracks.

Not initially being a fan of HAIM, after this video, I do believe that I have been converted. The sisters’ song is a big 180 from “Forever” which was the first song I heard from them. And the video is MILES better than that messy video Taylor Swift just released… yuck. But T Swizzle isn’t alone – most mainstream artists today are releasing rather lame videos lately. cough cough Katy Perry cough.

So what do you think of the video? Love HAIM? Let us know below.

you’re welcome.

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