Taylor Swift Releases NEW Single

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So apparently Taylor Swift released her latest single “Shake It Off” earlier today. If you’re a fan of T-Swizzle, then you’ll be super STOKED! If you’re everyone else, then never mind – no need to press play. “Shake It Off” is a throwback to the 80s (because she apparently reallllly loves that decade) and directed by Max Martin and Shellback (the same team that did “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”). In the video, she’s in her typical Taylor Swift form – acting adorKable and silly because, hey, she’s normal and awkward just like us! Here’s where I roll my eyes.  Bouncing around doing different things from ballet dancing to dancing in some kind of Fruit Of The Loom commercial to dancing along with some bootylicious dancers, Taylor is doing her thang and gonna “shake off” all the haters. I’m not a fan of the song but I’m sure just like every other Taylor Swift song, it will be played heavily on the radio and I will eventually grow fond of it. What do you think Taylor fans? Love it? Hate it?

you’re welcome.

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