alt-J’s Visually Stunning Video (Not For The Faint Of Heart)

If you like music videos to be just as epic as the music itself, then you’ll LOVE alt-J’s “Hunger Of The Pine” video. The trio that makes up alt-J have teamed up with the visual genius Nabil Elderkin for the making of their video and it is BEAUTIFUL – think the movies 300 and The Hunger Games. Nabil has become THE man for creating amazing and visually stunning music videos. He’s done videos for Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, James Blake, and many more. Some standouts include Bruno Mars’ “Grenade”,  John Legend’s “All Of Me”, Lana Del Rey’s newest video “Ultraviolence”, and my favorite, “Two Weeks” by FKA Twigs. The video is a bit gory and definitely unsuitable for work but it’s because it is uncomfortable to watch that makes it sooooo good.

But back to the band alt-J, they are releasing their second album soon and from the sounds of it, will be just as awesome as their first. And yes, that was Miley Cyrus who was sampled in this song. If you don’t know much about the band, do yourself a favor and get acquainted – they are destined for some pretty great things! What do you think about the video? Too much? Amazing? Let us know!

you’re welcome.


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