Neon Hitch Is Back B*****s

It’s been waaaaay too long but we are glad she is back on the scene! After a much delayed debut album, the “F**k U Betta” beauty is ready to continue her streak of catchy, dance heavy, pop songs. If you like your music to be sassy with a bit of an attitude, then you should definitely be listening to Neon Hitch. He newest single “Yard Sale” is out on her official SoundCloud account and you best believe it is damn good. The swashbuckling, bass pounding tune is exactly what the current music scene needs – think Avicii’s country inspired hit “Wake Me Up” and The Pirates of the Caribbean. Odd combination right? But trust… it’s amazing!

Getting rid of all the memories, bad things, and old self is what “Yard Sale” is all about – moving on, getting over, and not looking back. Anyone looking for an ex-boyfriend? She’s got one for ya.

Be sure to buy it online and to checkout her official video for the song on August 5th.

Welcome back Miss Neon Hitch. You were greatly missed!

you’re welcome.

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