Raleigh Ritchie Can Act AND Sing

If Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter,” Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” and Mary J. Blige’s “No More Drama” had a baby (O_o), I think it would have some serious anger issues… but it would probably sound something like this. My new favorite hype song. My good friend and fellow lover of good music, Sim Simmy, recently introduced me to Raleigh Ritchie and I haven’t stopped listening since. I mean, how perfect are these lyrics? You’re so close to the finish line but you’re overwhelmed with all these other emotions – missing your family, realizing your mistakes, second guessing yourself. But you can definitely get through it all because you are a beast! You got this!
Also, I think English rappers/singers like Tinie Timpah and Raleigh Ritchie are just pretty flippin’ awesome (especially when they say words like “bottle” and “mum”). AND he’s in Game of Thrones. He has THE life!!

you’re welcome.

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