Weekly Wrap Up – “You Are My Soul” – manicanparty

hello hello everyone.
welcome to BLENDERtunes’ first WWU…
aka sorry for not posting all week.
i was on vacation for my birthday…
so i’ll be on the lookout for your birthday gift to me.
so to make up for the week…
i bring you one entry of NewMusicMonday,
HumpdayRemixes, and FlashbackFriday.
boy do i have some pretty freaking awesome tunes
for you this week.
you have my permission to go ahead and take credit
for “discovering” these tunes before your friends.
i am SUCH a good person.

up first… Bt has manicanparty’s “You Are My Soul”
just listen to this amazing tune.
then listen to it again.
along with Clean Bandit,
this is my new favorite group.
the drums. the synth. the vocals.
am i right? what do you think? leave a comment.
you’re welcome.

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