Month: June 2014

“Ghost” – Halsey

If you’re a fan of Ellie Goulding (and you should definitely be a fan), then I got a great artist for you to check out. Halsey calls herself the “Rap Game Winona Ryder” so take that however you want… and you should definitely think that’s pretty badass. She […]

“Young Hearts” – Strange Talk

I always get confused when first discovering artists with not so simple names. Like, is NONONO the band or a song title? Pumpin Blood? I need a name or a band with “The” at the beginning. I’m just a simplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle kind of mannnnnn. Anyways, Young Hearts Strange Talk […]

“Wings” – Birdy

So Birdy is another English artist who should be more popular than they currently are. Side Note: Where are all the awesome, American artists?? I feel like, lately, every artist or band are from overseas! STEP IT UP AMERICA!! But I digress. This little gem is such a […]

“Wrote A Song About You” – MNEK

When I was 19, I was doing keg stands (sorry parentals) and mastering the art of Twofor-ing (watching a movie and then sneaking into another one with my bessie Ali)… not writing catchy ass songs like this. MNEK helms from London and this tune is infectious. Along with […]